Europa Nostra UK: MINIARE - The Art & Science of Manuscript Heritage

European Heritage/Europa Nostra 2023 Award Winners join ENUK to tell us about the key experiences and learning from their project

Over the last ten years, the MINIARE project at The Fitzwilliam Museum (University of Cambridge), has revolutionised our understanding of manuscript heritage. By employing non-invasive technical analysis and cutting-edge technology, integrated with established humanities methodologies, the project has identified artists’ materials and techniques and offered new insights into cultural, political and socio-economic contexts of manuscript production. The interdisciplinary approach, spanning physical sciences, arts and humanities, has been instrumental in advancing understanding of a vital aspect Europe’s shared heritage.

In this illustrated talk, Dr Suzanne Reynolds (Senior Curator, Manuscripts and Rare Books) and Dr Flavia Fiorillo (Research Associate, Scientific Research) of The Fitzwilliam Museum join us to tell us a bit more about this project, what insights they have gained, and the possibilities for future investigation.