Environmental Sustainability Network: Sustainability Social

A casual discussion on starting a sustainability group or sustainability initiatives in your workplace

The Environmental Sustainability Network is holding its first ever 'Sustainability Social' this month!

This will be an informal, virtual forum for questions about practically embedding sustainability in your conservation practice. Think having a chat with pals at the pub... if that chat was about environmental sustainability in collections care and your pals are the four highly-accomplished sustainability experts. After the panellists introduce themselves the floor will be given to the audience - so come prepared with any and all questions and perhaps even a tipple. But we'll leave that last part to you!

May's topic is 'starting a sustainability group/sustainability initiatives in your workplace' and will be hosted by conservator Morgan Lirette, founder of the British Library Green Network. And we welcome with great excitement the panellists: Jenny White from The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, Sara Kassam from Victoria & Albert Museum, Joyce Lee from IndigoJLD Green + Health/the American Alliance of Museums Environment Climate Network and Caitlin Southwick from Ki Culture/Sustainability in Conservation.