Environmental Sustainability Network: Green Solvents Webinar with Mariana Escamilla Martinez

What exactly are green solvents? How are they used in conservation? Tune in to find out and ask Mariana Escamilla Martinez any other questions you may have!

In the field of conservation, solvents are one of the most commonly used substances. They are often used by professionals to remove materials from objects, such as varnishes and overpaints, but also to dissolve binding media to be applied as varnish, retouching or consolidation. Green solvents are new chemical alternatives for our profession. They are either less toxic for the user or the environment; or produced from renewable sources or made energy efficiently.

This presentation will include various aspects of the use of solvents and the characteristics of green alternatives in our profession. What are green solvents precisely and what is the current state of the art in green solvent use in the conservation field? There will be discussion of parameterisation systems; solvent characteristics; and some results obtained from solubility measurements of resins dissolved in commonly used solvents as well as in five organic green solvents.