Conservators' Salaries: Roundtable Debate

Debate to consider the next steps arising from Icon's 2022 Conservation Salaries Report

Icon is committed to supporting professional conservators, heritage scientists and others in advocating for fair remuneration and employment conditions. Our recently launched strategy sets out Icon’s aim to achieve wider recognition of the value that conservation brings to society – a key part of this is to ensure that conservation professionals will be better rewarded for their skills expertise and professionalism.

Through the 'Conservator's Salaries Roundtable Debate', we will explore the themes raised in Icon's 2022 Conservation Salaries Survey to generate ideas that Icon can do, either on our own, or in partnership with other key sector stakeholders to support fair levels of remuneration and working conditions across the conservation sector. 


Through the course of the event we will:

  • Review findings of Icon’s Conservation Salaries Survey 2022 and related research
  • Consider the impact of different employment types on conservators' salary levels 
  • Understand concerns and issues for professional conservators
  • Identify what Icon can do and what others can do to support conservators’ salaries.


Welcome & Introductions
Dr Duygu Çamurcuoğlu ACR

Overview of Icon Salaries Survey 2022
Patrick Whife, Head of Skills, Icon

Breakout discussions
The event will focus on a series of three discussion topics. 

  • Campaigning for Change
    Fair Museum Jobs
  • Collective bargaining, the power of coming together
    Ben Middleton, National Secretary, Prospect
  • What happens next?
    Dr Duygu Çamurcuoğlu ACR & Patrick Whife

Closing Remarks
Dr Duygu Çamurcuoğlu ACR

Key Documents

Please note that in the interests of allowing participants to speak freely and openly at the event, we will not be recording the session.

Whilst places at the event are limited, we want the voices of all conservators to be heard. To share your views ahead of the debate please take the time to complete the survey here.