Bainbridge Conservation: Professional use of dichloromethane-based stripper

Training and certification for purchase and use.

Professional use of dichloromethane-based stripper: training and certification for purchase and use

About this event

Bainbridge Conservation Ltd. are running a half-day course which provides the mandatory training and HSE certification required for professionals wishing to purchase and use dichloromethane (DCM)-based paint stripper. In 2011 the sale and use of DCM strippers was banned for the public, with professional users allowed to continue after completing training and a competency assessment.

Course outline: principles for safe use of DCM-based paint strippers

- Assessment of the job: identifying coatings, work setup and stripping methods

- Selection and purchase of DCM-based strippers

- Awareness of the hazards of DCM

- Assessment of the risk of using DCM

- Controls to manage the risk

- Emergency measures

The training meets the requirements set out in the amendment to the REACH Enforcement Regulations 2014. Bainbridge Conservation Ltd. are an authorised HSE DCM training course provider.

Managers, workers, and purchasers of DCM have to comply with the duties under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002, to control exposure to hazardous substances and protect workers’ health. The course will focus on the methods and working practices specific to conservators working in institutional or private workshops and studios.

On completion of the course, you will take a brief online competence assessment based on the morning's training. On successful completion you will have the HSE-issued certificate required for the purchase and use of DCM. Your details will also be logged on the HSE DCM website to allow suppliers and retailers of DCM to verify certification.

The reason the course has to be in person rather than online is that trainees accessing the online competence test must do so under examination conditions.

Tea and coffee will be provided

Course leader: Tristram Bainbridge ACR