Previous Plowden Medal Winners Celebrated Ahead of This Year's Nominations

Read to find out more about the Plowden medal, how to nominate someone for the award and past winners

12 Mar 2024

You may have seen all the wonderful activity around the communication of past Plowden Medal winners happening on social media recently. It’s the Plowden Medal’s 25th anniversary this year and as we approach the deadline for nominations for the 2024 award, on Friday 17th May, past winners are being celebrated.

So far, we’ve seen summaries of the achievements of Garry Thomson CBE, Dr Jonathan Ashley-Smith, Sir Donald Insall CBE and Dr David Leigh with more winners to follow. If you haven’t seen these posts, then do take a look and follow @theplowedenmedal on Instagram or The Plowden Medal on LinkedIn.

The winners to date provide an inspiring snapshot into some of the leading protagonists in the world of conservation and certainly set the scene for the nominations process for this year. And let’s not forget that a number of Icon members have been awarded with the Plowden medal in past years, namely Katy Lithgow ACR in 2020, Professor Jane Henderson ACR and Stephen Clare ACR MBE in 2021, Julie Dawson in 2022 and mostly recently Sarah Brown in 2023. Let’s hope that there will be some Icon members being put forward via the nominations process this year.

If you want to nominate someone for the Plowden Medal, you can find more information about the forms and process here. Or for any queries contact Claire Anderson at [email protected]

The award will be presented at an RWHA event in the Autumn.