24 Jan 2022

Low Cost/No Cost Tips for Sustainability in Cultural Heritage

Lorraine Finch ACR publishes free book with tips for how to reduce your environmental impact


Are you feeling powerless to affect change to address the climate and the environment crises? Are you thinking that all the actions you need to take are too costly? Do you think that the steps you need to take will take too long to have an effect?

Icon Environmental Sustainability Network Co-founder and Chair Lorraine Finch ACR published ‘Low cost/no cost tips for sustainability in cultural heritage': a book available free of charge packed with tips for how to reduce your impact on the climate and the environment.


Topics include:

  • Equipment and Materials
  • Energy
  • Water
  • In your studio (the collection, your office and the kitchen)
  • Digital
  • Travel and transport
  • Money
  • Inspiring others/Influencing stakeholders/Changing behaviour
  • Recycling 
  • Think

These tips will help heritage professionals address the climate crisis at little or no cost with actions that will have an immediate effect. 

Head over to LFCP to get your copy.

In April, ‘Low cost/no cost tips for sustainability for cultural heritage’ will be available in hard copy and as an eBook. 


Lorraine Finch is a conservationist as well as a conservator. She has been involved in the conservation of the natural environment and environmental action since the 1970s.

Lorraine is Director and founder of LFCP, established 2003. She is active in the cultural heritage environmental sustainability community, assisting institutions to work with environmental sustainability embedded into their practices, to enable digital transformation and to ensure a skilled and knowledgeable workforce through bespoke training and workshops.

You can follow Lorraine on Twitter @conserve_lfcp, and on Instagram @thecaringconservator.