Julie’s Bicycle launches The Creative Climate Justice Hub

A free library of climate justice resources, designed for the arts and culture community

18 May 2022


Julie’s Bicycle, a nonprofit powering culture on climate action, has launched the Creative Climate Justice Hub - a dynamic library of climate justice resources curated for the arts and culture community. The Creative Climate Justice Hub is for artists and cultural practitioners who want to understand the systemic causes of the climate crisis, how it intersects with issues of social, economic and environmental injustice and how arts and culture is responding creatively.

The Creative Climate Justice Hub is free and accessible here: juliesbicycle.com/justice

Fog Everywhere performance (featuring Tobi King Bakare) by Camden People's Theatre, image by Image by Donkey Studio, photo by Joe Twigg.jpg
© Image by Donkey Studio, photo by Joe Twigg Fog Everywhere performance (featuring Tobi King Bakare) by Camden People's Theatre


The Hub connects climate with justice in the arts and culture, and celebrates those people and organisations inspiring action. It shows how artists and creatives are mobilising through action, creativity, connecting to communities and using their voices to champion change. It offers tools, ideas and examples of action at the intersections of racial justice, gender, decolonisation, extraction, land justice, the rights of nature, and environmental justice. 

The Hub is a platform for vital, inclusive content about justice and fairness and why marginalised groups around the world are disproportionately impacted by the climate and environmental crisis. It includes a new 27 page Creative Climate Justice guide to some of the key issues; a new climate justice film series featuring 14 global voices working across arts and culture; and over 100 filterable resources.

The Colour Green podcast recording with Judy Ling Wong and Lola Young_Photo credit_ Yingbi Lee.JPG
© Yingbi Lee The Colour Green podcast recording with Judy Ling Wong and Lola Young


Farah Ahmed, Climate Justice Lead, Julie’s Bicycle, said:

 The climate crisis is as much a social issue as it is scientific and it’s vital that to take action on climate change, we understand its root causes.

With the Hub, our aim is to encourage a deeper, more inclusive conversation about climate and empower artists and creative practitioners from marginalised and frontline communities to take leadership in this space.


Lola Young, Baroness Young of Hornsey, and Julie’s Bicycle collaborator, added: 

It offers fresh insights into how we can plot a path from the harmful impacts of climate change to environmental sustainability. For many of us it’s hard to make connections between some of the issues that concern us most - racism, poverty, inequality, modern slavery and trafficking - so to have different perspectives and platforms that approach the task creatively, can be tremendously helpful.

Artist Zadie Xa behind the scenes at JB event We Make Tomorrow_Photo credit_ Ben Darlington.jpg
© Ben Darlington Artist Zadie Xa behind the scenes at JB event We Make Tomorrow


Love Ssega, Musician, and Season for Change commissioned artist, said: 

Julie’s Bicycle has been supporting musicians like myself for many years, and as the enormity of the Climate Crisis dawns on wider society their work is becoming even more critical. From research, to creative commissioning to friendly words of encouragement, I can’t thank and praise JB enough. I hope this Hub enables those starting off in their climate journey to the seasoned professionals a chance to build and share knowledge, as we all need to be in this together.