18 Nov 2022

Icon engages with COP27 on social media

The Icon Sustainability Network published a series of tweets with tips around the COP27 themes

The Icon Sustainability Network (SN) is Icon's cross-disciplinary network that encourages the take up of positive environmental practices in cultural heritage. 

During COP27, Icon SN published a series of tweets sharing tips and ideas engaging with the COP27 daily themes: Finance, Science, Youth and Future Generations, Decarbonisation, Adaptation & Agriculture, Gender, Water, Action for Climate Empowerment & Civil Society, Energy, Biodiversity and Solutions.


Icon SN COp27 Gender Day tweet.png


14th Nov - Water Day

Icon SN COp27 Water Day tweet.png


With the UK’s rising population, hotter summers and drier winters, water shortages are likely at our current usage rate. By 2050, the UK government is aiming for 110 litres per person per day.

How can we decrease our water consumption? Having a water meter helps - the average daily water consumption per person in 2021 (England and Wales) for metered customers was 139L per day compared to 180L for non-metered!

There are lots of water-saving tips online.

It’s also worth remembering that your water footprint extends beyond just your tap water use. It also includes the ‘virtual water’ used to produce your food, electricity, gas and home goods. Find our more and calculate your water footprint here.


15th Nov - Action for Climate Empowerment & Civil Society Day

Icon SN COp27 Energy Day tweet.png


Renewably-sourced or not, it’s worth seeing if you can decrease your energy usage for increased financial and environmental sustainability. 

Turning off your plugs and lights, decreasing hot water usage, replacing appliances when needed with energy efficient models can help. For more tips check out: https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/hub/quick-tips-to-save-energy/


Icon SN COp27 Solutions Day tweet.png


Check out Icon SN's Network page for more resources, solutions, case studies on good environmental practice, and follow Icon SN on Twitter @icon_sn.