Icon publishes Environmental Statement

Icon launches a new Environmental Statement

15 Oct 2020

In September 2020, Icon's Board of Trustees agreed an Environmental Statement outlining Icon's commitment to promoting the positive role that conservation can play in inspiring and informing climate action. 

The Statement describes Icon's work to reduce its organisational carbon footprint and support members to embed environmental sustainability in their professional activities. It outlines opportunities for conservators to promote and support sustainability in order to protect the planet and also outlines Icon's roadmap for action.

Download Icon's new Environmental Statement.

Icon is also supporting the Climate Heritage Network's current Culture x Climate program, with Chief Executive Sara Crofts introducing the Communicating the Role of Cultural Heritage in Climate Action webinar on 30 October. And our newly established Icon Environmental Sustainability Network will be hosting a Q&A session on Sustainability in Conservation on 15 November. 

Members can help save the environment by choosing to opt out of receiving printed paper copies of Icon publications. From 2021, you will be able to do this on your membership renewal form but in the meantime you can opt out as soon as you like. Just write to us stating that you want to opt out of either a) The Journal, b) Icon News or c) all Icon publications. 

Taking action to tackle climate change really matters and conservation can be part of the solution so we need your help. Members are the foundation of our efforts so why not join us today? 


Photo by Bas Emmen on Unsplash