Icon member consultation, documents created by you for you to use!

Icon is delighted to be able to launch the member consultation on new Icon Ethical Guidance and revised Icon Professional Standards.

28 Apr 2020

These two documents impact all professional conservators, and as such all Icon members are encouraged to take the time to review the documents and to share their views. 

How to take part

Please take the time to read these documents and then complete this short survey by 12 noon on 12th May 2020. It is important to note that all Icon members are signed up to the Icon Code of Conduct and the Icon Professional Standards.

  1. Download and review >> Icon Professional Standards
  2. Download and review >> Icon Ethical Guidance
  3. Share your views >> Click here to complete the survey here

The Documents

The Icon Professional Standards, developed in 1999, guide the professional practice of conservators.

The Icon Ethical Guidance supplements (not binding) and enlarges upon concepts set out in the Icon Code of Conduct and Icon Professional Standards, and should be read in conjunction with these documents. It consists of:

  1. Principles of Conservation: thirteen broad statements defining the conservation approach to objects of cultural heritage.
  2. Commentary on the Principles of Conservation: short analysis of the fundamental ideas expressed by each Principle, and how to apply them to your practice.
  3. Glossary of terms. 

The Icon Professional Standards and the Icon Ethical Gudiance are both Icon ©. These documents have been formatted in line with recommendations from the British Dyslexia Association.

What work has been done to get to this point?

The Icon Professional Standards have been reviewed following the 2018 membership survey that indicated broad satisfaction with the standards, but also highlighted a need to review some of the detail. Since September 2019 as part of the drafting process, focused member feedback and suggestions for changes to the Standards were identified. A panel of 20 Icon members refined and finalised the revised Standards. This work was facilitated by Dr Stan Lester, an external consultant who was commissioned to develop the original Professional Standards in 1999.

Since the Code of Conduct was approved on 17th October 2014 work has been in progress to address the need to have a set of ethical principles and a guidance framework for Icon members to use.

In 2017 the Icon Board of Trustees approved the set up of a Task and Finish Group to investigate the development of Icon Ethical Guidance for Icon members. This was led by Icon Trustee, Lorraine Finch ACR, with a group of 11 members and supported by Icon’s Professional Development Team. Initially set up to investigate the need for Icon to create ethical principles that continued in October 2018 with the development work of such documents for completion by Spring 2020.  


If you do have any questions please get in touch by emailing us.

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