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27 Jul 2022


This year, the sixth annual Icon ACR Conference takes 'Dynamic Conservation' as its theme. Over two days (19th and 20th October) we will explore the dynamic nature of our work as conservators and how we manage change in all its forms.

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Call for Papers

Protecting the past does not mean resisting change, and the role of a conservator is constantly evolving. This conference will explore the dynamic nature of our work as conservators and how we manage change in all its many forms.

We would like to call upon members to submit conference papers that explore any of the following topics:

  • Coping with Crisis: managing conservation in dynamic and unstable environments
     For instance, environmental disaster recovery, protecting heritage from adverse conditions, and one-off exceptional events.
  • Workplace change management
    Have you had to implement or oversee changes to organizational structures, job roles, individual teams? How can we support individuals in adapting to change? How can we deliver change that enhances, rather than compromises, care of heritage?
  • ‘That’s not in the brief!’: coping with projects in flux. 
    Have you been part of a project that has evolved drastically from the original proposal? Perhaps budgets have changed, the scale has increased or priorities have shifted? How can you adapt when you have to pivot unexpectedly?
  • Embracing New Knowledge
    How have new developments in the sector changed the way you practice? Perhaps you have used innovative new treatment methods to stabilize or protect an object? Perhaps new research has made you reconsider recommendations, guidelines or organisational practices. Show us how engaging with new learning has enhanced your professional practice.

Submit your Abstract

Abstracts are invited for 20-minute presentations on all aspects relevant to the theme. Please submit on the webpage here (you need to be logged in) by Thursday 1st September.



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