Getting on Board

How to Become a Charity Trustee: a Practical Guide

09 Jun 2021
by Getting on Board

Getting on Board have taken insights from focus groups, a survey of novice trustees, case studies from a broad range of people, and the thousands of potential trustees Getting on Board works with every year to create a guide based on real-life experiences and perspectives.

The guide talks about what the application process looks like; and includes a collection of hints and tips to help you decide what you may have to offer; and describe how to find a trustee role that suits you.

As well as helping aspiring charity trustees to find great roles, Getting on Board want to:

  • Spread the word to those who don’t already know what a charity trustee is or that this is an opportunity that’s open to them.
  • Encourage groups that are under-represented on charity trustee boards to explore becoming a trustee, increasing diversity and representation on charity boards.
  • Support people to use their skills, knowledge or experience to maximise the positive contribution they make to a charity as a trustee.

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Getting on Board

Getting on Board

Getting on Board supports people to volunteer as charity trustees, particularly those who are currently under-represented on trustee boards. That means supporting helping more women, people of colour, young people, people with disabilities, LGBTQI people, people with a diversity of lived experience, and so many others to become trustees.

We also support charities to recruit and retain diverse trustees, and help employers connect their employees with amazing trustee opportunities.


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