Emerging Voices in Conservation: A Special Issue of the Journal of the Institute of Conservation

The latest issue was convened to offer a platform for emerging conservators across the globe

14 Oct 2021


With international contributions on all aspects of conservation, the Journal of the Institute of Conservation is an invaluable resource for the heritage sector.

The latest issue of the Journal of the Institute of Conservation was dedicated to emerging professionals and aimed to offer a platform for emerging conservators across the globe.

We registered a great deal of interest in this special issue, having received 67 responses to the Call for Submissions in May 2020. The 8 peer-reviewed articles presented in the issue were selected by the Editorial Advisory Panel for their broad thematic range, including on the lack of diversity in the profession, to how to navigate the different interests, interpretations, and values represented by any act of conservation.

All at Icon are extremely grateful to the members of the Editorial Advisory Panel who not only responded to those initial submissions, but enthusiastically took up the mentoring of around 15 authors as they edged towards final submission. Our gratitude extends to all the peer-reviewers involved for their constructive commentaries which helped make for the content offered in this issue.

Needless to say, there were other great submissions that didn't make the cut; these will appear in the Journal over the next year or two. Beyond these, there were many other valuable submissions where their authors found that they had to withdraw due to events and commitments that unfolded along the way. This was especially true for some of those in less represented parts of the world, and we very much hope we will be working with everyone again in the not too distant future!

Icon members can access the issue below:

The issue contains the following articles:

  • Neil Teddy Coleman and Hilary E. Wight
    External values and support for ethical decision-making in conservation 
  • Lily Bennion and Juanita Kelly-Mundine
    Clashes in conservation: First Nations sites, communities and culture in Australian cultural heritage management 
  • Kendall Francis
    The absence of black and ethnic minority representation in UK heritage conservation and the value of including diverse voices 
  • Diana Tay
    Building a material record of Singaporean art through technical art history: a case study of the paintings of Cheong Soo Pieng 
  • Gretchen Allen
    Textual healing: ethical conservation of looted manuscripts and ‘The Gospel of Judas’ 
  • Saiful Bakhri
    From the classroom to the field: developing cross-cultural skills in conservation 
  • Kiri Douglas, Sophie Coulthard and Samantha Hare
    Mentorship matters: the value of graduate internships 
  • Natalie Lawler and Ambre Tissot
    Preserving the intangible and immeasurable: exploring wellbeing frameworks in the museum context 


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