01 Feb 2021

Describing your Accredited Status

You can refer to yourself as an Accredited Member of Icon and describe yourself as an Accredited Conservator-Restorer/ACR or as an Accredited Conservator. It is important for you and the profession to promote your status broadly through your communications as this demonstrate your commitment to delivering the highest professional standards in conservation. Icon Accreditation demonstrates professional competence and experience and is not a qualification.


  • Please ensure it is clear that it is you as the individual who is accredited and not your organisation. Suggested wording: Jane Smith ACR and John Black ACR are Accredited Members of Icon. Find out more about what accreditation means on the Icon website (with link)
  • All ACRs working for a business need to be clearly identified in all promotional material e.g. website staff profiles
  • ACRs working for a local authority, museum or institution should promote that they are an Accredited Member of Icon to their employer. Using this weblink 'What is Icon accreditation?' is advisable to help raise your profile within your organisation.
  • If you are involved in recruiting staff, always consider whether or not they need to be Icon Accredited and if so specify this precisely in all advertising, person specifications etc.