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01 Apr 2021

Easter at home? Weather not as sunny as you’d like? Why not spend a moment exploring the new Icon website!

After four months in development, Icon’s new website launched last month. This is the result of intensive work by Icon staff and our partners at Pixl8, following our successful fundraising efforts earlier in the autumn. Below we list some of the improvements and things we're most excited about. 

Easier access to information and resources

1. While we’ve kept Icon’s recognisable branding and the general look and feel of the previous website, this is more than just an update. The new website comes with considerably greater capabilities and functionality than its predecessor.

2. You’ll find all the familiar features of the Icon website - events listings, training and jobs sections, publications, factsheets about conservation and tips for looking after your treasures - but organised in a new and improved format. 

3. We’ve also introduced some exciting new sections. For example, our Resource Library allows you to easily search for a range of resources - from news and articles through to information about grant opportunities and applying for Accreditation. Simply head to the Library and use the filters on the right hand side to explore our resources - no library card needed!


4. Our advocacy work has been given a new spotlight under the top banner ‘Campaigns.’ Here you’ll find information on our latest advocacy priorities and activities, including Coronavirus, skills and education, diversity and inclusion and environmental sustainability.

New functionalities for Icon members

5. Icon members will find a new personal space in the Members Area. This serves as a one-stop shop for membership administration: renewing your membership, amending your details or upgrading your membership category.

6. A new events platform for all Icon events – ‘Eventfolio’ - will be linked to members’ personal spaces in the members’ area and can also be used by non-members booking on to Icon events.

7. Standardised ‘Hubs’ for each Icon Group and Network offer a place to showcase Group and Network activities and resources. These also each have a ‘members’ area’ where Group and Network committees can post documents, schedule meetings and host discussions.

8. A new CPD section allows members to log their CPD activity, and automatically generate reports to submit in CPD recalls when the time comes.

Lots more going on behind the scenes

9. We’re currently working on Phase 2 of the project, which will bring even more exciting updates. However, please keep in mind that this is a brand new tool for everyone and staff continue to learn the ropes of the site, so do bear with us as we build our knowledge about its full capacities.

10. We’re also taking steps to be more mindful of the environmental impact of our website. By sticking to simpler designs and prioritising key information so it’s easy to find we’re ensuring a speedier site that not only works for our audiences but the planet too. We were pleased to see a reduction in our website’s carbon footprint as we migrated to the new system. However, this is ongoing work as we strive to minimise our file sizes, improve the clarity and efficiency of our copy writing and learn about more ways to decrease our digital carbon footprint

There’s so much going on in conservation it can be difficult to keep track on your own. Join Icon to find all the latest news, events and opportunities in one place. Connect with your interests and help shape developments!

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