Coronavirus and emerging professionals

The Coronavirus has had an unprecedented impact on our day to day lives and as we slowly adjust to a new ‘normal’ the effects of the global pandemic are a concern for our network

Impact of COVID-19 on Emerging Professionals Survey

This survey, run by the Icon Emerging Professionals Network (EPN), aimed to establish a coherent picture of the impact of Covid-19 specific to emerging conservation professionals in the UK. We understand that many of the issues facing emerging professionals are specific to those studying and entering the sector, so we wish to use this platform to identify these most pressing concerns. The data gathered will be used to consider realistic, useful, long and short term initiatives to support emerging conservators being negatively impacted by the global pandemic.

An emerging conservator is broadly considered as a conservation student or individual in the first five years of their career, however this is by no means absolute and there are no restrictions on joining the EPN.