The Conservator’s Portfolio

The Icon Emerging Professionals Network and the EACF/SHARE Conservation Network are coming together to host an online workshop and discussion panel on the Conservator’s Portfolio.

This event is aimed at emerging professionals creating their first portfolio, as well as conservators later in their career wishing to refresh their own portfolio.

There will be opportunities to ask questions throughout the event, which will be addressed in the Q&A session at the end of the panel discussion. Questions can also be submitted prior to this event - please email them to [email protected].


14.00-14.10 Welcome
14.10-14.55 Portfolio Workshop, led by Loredana Mannina
14.55-15.05 Break
15.05-15.50 Panel Discussion and Q&A Session
15.50-16.00 Wrap up

Portfolio Workshop

Loredana Mannina will lead on a short workshop on how to put together a portfolio, covering the following aspects:

  • Structure, content and audience
  • Organisation and visual impact
  • Digital portfolios, online platforms 
  • Copyright and privacy limitations
  • How to start and maintain a portfolio throughout your career
  • Portfolios and the application process
  • The interviewer’s perspective

By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained: 

  • A clearer understanding of your individual progression requirements
  • Increased confidence in discussing and presenting your research and practice in a visual format
  • Knowledge on how to develop a tailored progression portfolio, ready for making a relevant application in higher education or for presenting in a professional context.

Panel Discussion

With several professionals from the sector, the panel will discuss the portfolio from the perspective of the interviewer and interviewee, as well as maintaining a portfolio in the context of continual professional development.

You will be able to pose questions during the panel discussion, or you can submit your questions ahead of time by emailing [email protected]

Panel Members:

  • Annabelle F. Camp
  • Diana Davis ACR
  • Susan Maltby
  • Morgan Creed