Textile Group: Fibres Back to Basics

The science of fibres, accessible to all.

This talk will be a back to basics of fibres, with a primary focus on cotton and wool. It is designed to act as a refresher for conservators working with textiles and anyone else who would like to learn more about fibres. Although this talk will focus on the science of fibres, it will be accessible to all, particularly non-scientists. 

The composition of cotton and wool will be discussed with a mention on the debates within the textile science field concerning their finer detail. Moreover, the science on fibre degradation during the natural ageing process will be described in detail. Then the impact this has on their physical properties will be discussed. Lastly, there will be a mention on how these fibres interact with water when cleaned. 

This presentation will highlight the complexity of fibres and the impact that their environment has on their behaviour. It will discuss previous work done in this field and the differing opinions that are ongoing. Finally, the presenter will display their own research, how it coincides with what we already know and how it hopes to add to the knowledge on this topic.

After the webinar the Icon Textile Group will be holding an informal 'NEEDLE AND THREAD VIRTUAL PUB' get together via Zoom. Please do join us on the 18th October 2021 at 8pm (London Time) to further the conversation.