Scotland Group: Introduction to Photogrammetry

Learn about this 3D imaging technique, and how it can be used to record historic artefacts in 3D.

Photogrammetry is a photography-based 3D imaging technique that can be used to document a variety of objects.

From archaeological finds and intricately carved stonework to works of art or large-scale collections. By combining the data from many images of an artefact, we can produce an accurate 3D record of that object.

This event will introduce participants to photogrammetry, one of the 3D recording methods used in the digital documentation of historic objects. The session will cover basic data capture procedures, and processing workflows enabling the delivery of digital 3D models.

The workshop will aim to create an understanding of the requirements, capabilities and limitations of the technology, and will show the possibilities of 3D documentation for a range of objects and materials. We will discuss what types of materials lend themselves well to photogrammetry and which present more challenges.

This workshop is aimed at museum and heritage professionals and conservators, but everyone interested in photogrammetry is welcome to participate.