Scotland Group: Burrell Collection Conservation Tour

A behind-the-scenes look at the newly refurbished Burrell Collection!

Glasgow’s magnificent Burrell collection is housed in a purpose-built museum surrounded by beautiful parkland, and is ranked amongst the most significant civic museum collections in the UK, comparable to the National Gallery and the V&A in London.

The museum recently opened after a major refurbishment, required to ensure that the world-class collection and its architecturally significant home are safeguarded for the future. The refurbishment opened up over a third more gallery space, allowing access to important and unique objects which have not been seen for decades or have never been on permanent display. It also provided the opportunity to develop innovative and immersive displays and reinterpret the works of art, revealing many wonderful and new stories about them.

The project has involved a massive amount of activity for the conservators at Glasgow Life, and now that the dust has settled, they are partnering with the Icon Scotland group to offer a tour with a conservation focus. Please join us to find out more about the challenges and opportunities provided by this amazing building and exciting new display approach.

The tour will finish with a hot drink and an opportunity to chat to colleagues.

Image copyright: © CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection