Paintings Group: Sinner to Saint; Research & treatment of an 18th century painting from Peru

An evening talk showcasing how technical studies revealing social history and artistic practices

Image: © The Phoebus Foundation, Antwerp

A glimpse at the artistic influence of Spain and beyond on 18th century painting in South America!

This talk will go over the restoration project of the Virgin of Candelaria, an 18th century Peruvian canvas, carried out at The Phoebus Foundation, Antwerp. It will cover not only the conservation treatment, but also the technical analysis of the painting, the artistic context of the period and the iconography depicted.

Among other topics discussed will be how the Spanish ideas and traditions, as well as those from elsewhere in Europe and even Asia, were adapted to the local taste and influences. The talk will show that the technical studies of this painting have brought to light glimpses into the artistic traditions, techniques, studio practises and uses, as well as the customs and influences among the feminine upper classes in the 18th century Viceroyalty of Peru.