Icon Skills: Carbon Literacy Course for Heritage #5

An entry level, action focused, carbon reduction training, developed especially for the Heritage sector

Join us for two half day sessions – Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th June, 10am-1:30pm – to complete our accredited Carbon Literacy training course!

The Carbon Literacy Course for Heritage is an entry level, action focused, carbon reduction training, developed especially for the Heritage sector.

The course looks at the science behind the climate emergency, the impacts on Heritage, the policy positions national and internationally, and co benefits for Heritage in making changes and well as examples of Low Carbon Heritage.

The interactive online course takes place over two days, via Zoom and led by Lorraine Finch ACR. At the end of the course, you be asked to make two carbon reduction pledges, and in return will be certified as Carbon Literate.

This course is aimed specifically at those in working in the Heritage sector, and will take you from the basics of climate science, and what is happening with the climate emergency, through to how this will impact everyone, enabling you to pledge relevant carbon reducing actions in your life, work & industry.

With a small bit of homework to do before the first session, it is a perfect introductory session to climate science that we recommend people to take so they can feel empowered to start to take action.

On successful completion of your Carbon Literacy training, after submitting your actions, you can become certified as ‘Carbon Literate’, joining more than 40,000 others, including business leaders across multiple sectors. 

Module 1

  • Introduction
  • Climate change science
  • Impacts

Module 2

  • The role of heritage
  • Climate justice
  • Co-benefits

Module 3

  • The policy position
  • Carbon footprints
  • Low carbon heritage

Module 4 

  • Action planning
  • Having conversations
  • Wrapping up

What are the benefits from doing it?

As an individual, Carbon Literacy is an opportunity to gain a nationally recognised accreditation. You will be able to understand more on your carbon footprint and pledge to make a difference.

As a team, Carbon Literacy allows you to collaborate and generate ideas on topics such as what does a low carbon heritage organisation look like and the co-benefits that historic environments and climate actions have.

As an organisation, your staff will understand the impacts of climate change and actions, and will support behaviour change across the organisation, which will contribute to sustainability and Net Zero goals.

As a sector, this training will help us collectively make a difference through taking responsibility and committing to lowering our emissions.

More information about the The Carbon Literacy Project can be found at carbonliteracy.com