Environmental Sustainability Network: Sustainability Social - Green Exhibitions and Loans

Open discussion about practices, ideas and issues regarding sustainable exhibitions and loans.

The Environmental Sustainability Network is holding its third 'Sustainability Social' this July!

This will be an informal, virtual forum for discussion about what practices might make exhibitions and loans more sustainable. Think having a chat with pals at the pub... if that chat was about sustainability in heritage!

July’s topic is ‘green exhibitions and loans’ and will be hosted by conservator Morgan Lirette, ESN steering group member and co-chair of the British Library Sustainability Group. Fellow ESN steering group member Dr. Helen Wilson ACR, heritage scientist/preventive conservator at The National Archives, will also join to discuss her work with ICCROM’s Our Collections Matter Toolkit.

Last year we hosted these events with a panel of experts per topic. Moving forward, we’d like the event to be more of an open meeting. We encourage all who want to discuss or learn about green exhibitions and loans to attend. So come prepared with examples from your own practice, questions and perhaps even a tipple! If you have anything that you’d like to discuss beforehand, feel free to reach out at [email protected].