Environmental Sustainability & Archives: What Does It Mean & What Can You Do

Find out what environmental sustainability in archives means, what the issues are and what you can do. It's climate and the environment 101.

Climate and the environment can seem like an area where there is simultaneously too much and too little information. The carbon jargon can seem impenetrable and confusing. 

This interactive and participatory session with Lorraine Finch of LFCP will explain clearly what the issues are and what environmental sustainability is in relation to archives and the care of collections. 

We will discuss the terms and exactly what they mean for you and your work. We will go through short term and long term actions that you can take to reduce the impact of your work on the climate and the environment. 

By the end of the session you will have amassed hints and tips to put into action and the resources needed to do this effectively.

Lorraine Finch is a conservationist, as well as a conservator. She has been involved in the conservation of the natural environment and environmental action since the 1970's. An original hippy.

Lorraine is active in the cultural heritage environmental sustainability community. She speaks regularly on this subject, writes articles and blogs and has published a book of low cost/no cost tips for environmental sustainability in the cultural heritage sector.

Lorraine is Director and founder of LFCP, established 2003. LFCP assists institutions to work with environmental sustainability embedded into their practices, to enable digital transformation and to ensure a skilled and knowledgeable workforce through bespoke training and workshops.

Lorraine is a Trustee of the Institute of Conservation. She is co-founder and Chair of the Icon Environmental Sustainability Network. For many years, Lorraine was part of the committee of the ARA Preservation and Conservation Group and was Chair of the ARA Film, Sound and Photography Group.

You can find out more on:

Twitter: @conserve_lfcp

Instagram: @thecaringconservator

Website: lfcp.co.uk