Emerging Professionals Network: Meet and Greet #5: First Steps

A chance to meet other emerging professionals in an informal setting

NOTE: This event is being held on a Tuesday, rather than our usual Wednesdays.

Come along to the Emerging Professionals Network’s virtual ‘Meet and Greet’ which is part of a series of informal meetings where you can get to know other emerging professionals entering into the field of conservation.

Through these meetings we want to create a supportive network with which you can share your interest in conservation and/or your early career experiences and get advice from those facing similar challenges.

To help start the flow of conservation conversations, we have set the theme of the meeting to “First Steps” :
  • If you are already working in the field, how did you get there? What was your first job / experience in the sector?
  • If you are wanting to get into the field, how are you finding it? What advice has been useful for you? And what additional help would you find beneficial?
  • If you are still a student, what do you see yourself doing after graduation?

Please sign up to the event to showcase your interest and receive the Zoom details. We hope to see you there! 

[email protected]