Diversity and Inclusion Task & Finish Group: Student Roundtable

We invite pre-programme, student and emerging professional conservators to join us for a roundtable

We are the Icon Diversity & Inclusion Task and Finish Group, formed in 2020 to look at diversity issues within Icon and the wider field of conservation and to recommend actions which will help to address imbalances within our profession. You can find out a little more about who we are here.

Our group was formed to reflect a wide range of characteristics and experiences, but we are only ten people - we recognise that we alone cannot represent every viewpoint.

We invite pre-programme, student and emerging professional conservators to join us for an online roundtable discussion to share your views around diversity and inclusion in conservation.

Whatever your background, characteristics or level of experience with diversity issues, we welcome your input, your views and feedback will be vital in informing the work of our group.

As our work is centred on the conservation profession within the UK, we particularly welcome those training or intending to work within the UK, in order to focus the discussion.

Following a short introduction to our goals and intentions (15-20 mins), we will open up discussion around the following topics (40-45 mins):

  • Access to conservation training: What are the challenges, what support have you received, and what support would you like to be made available?
  • Carrying out and completing conservation training: Is the training accessible, is specific support available to support you with additional needs, would you like to see further support made available?
  • Starting out in your career: What are your concerns, and what would help you to feel better supported?

Following this, we will discuss further questions from participants (30 mins).