CEx Drop-in Sessions: Post COVID-19 recovery

Join Sara Crofts, Chief Executive at Icon, for a lunch time drop-in session on the third Friday of every month

At the beginning of last year we tried an experiment where we set up ‘Chief Executive’s Surgery’ meetings, with the intention that Icon members could drop in to offer ideas, share concerns, ask questions and engage in a conversation. It’s fair to say that, although the conversations were lively and interesting, the number of people joining was quite low. But now that everyone is more comfortable with online meetings we thought we'd try again.

So, starting this month, Sara Crofts will host a monthly lunchtime ‘drop in session’. The sessions will usually take place on the third Friday in the month (except for June and July where we’ve had to work around existing commitments).

We're interested to hear about your experiences and to understand more about the issues that members face in their workplaces. We’d also welcome ideas or suggestions for actions that Icon can take to support the conservation profession.

Although there won’t be a formal agenda we've suggested a topic for each session to get people thinking – though we don’t have to stick to the script! So, if there’s something that you’d like to share with us over a lunchtime chat please grab your sandwich and a cup of coffee and join in.  

The schedule for the first few months will be:

1. Post COVID-19 recovery (21 May)

2. Small businesses – challenges and opportunities (25 June)

3. Strategy 2030 (23 July)

4. Environmental sustainability (20 August)

Suggestions for future themes are very welcome.