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Care of Collections Group & Modern Materials Network: Plastic Surgery workshop

Want to brush up your plastics knowledge? Museum of London are sharing their expertise in this event.

This half day workshop will provide an introduction to the Plastic Surgery training course.

Plastic Surgery was first designed for the Museum of London’s ACE-funded Regional Collection Care Development programme, and delivered to support staff and volunteers from London’s regional museums care for their plastic collections. The demand for training on this topic led to various adaptations of the course being delivered in London, but also for Museum Development teams in the East and West Midlands, and the South-East region.

This workshop will demonstrate ways to engage and train others, particularly non-specialists, in the care of plastic collections. The workshop will look at plastic as a material; why plastics enter museum collections; how plastics can be identified, and common degradation pathways. The workshop will also be an opportunity to explore some of the plastic artefacts in the Museum of London’s collection.