APT 2021 Conference - Preservation Beyond Politics

From its founding on July 16, 1790, Washington, DC has been embroiled in political maneuvering, sectional conflicts, and issues of race, national identity, compromise, and power. APT’s 2021 DC Conference, October 29 - November 2, 2021 will explore the complexities, opportunities, and lessons learned from preserving and reinvesting in this monumental city.

We invite professionals and students to submit abstracts for this year's conference that fit within the three broad thematic tracks. One speaker for each presentation will be eligible to register for the conference at a reduced rate.

The three tracks that will explore this year’s theme are:


  1. Revisiting Renewal: Evolving Past Transformations
  2. Pivoting Preservation: Forward-Thinking Solutions to Changing Requirements 
  3. By the People, For the People: Civic Architecture, Public Spaces, and Infrastructure

Abstracts will be due March 8, 2021. For more information, potential topics and submission requirements, please click here