Icon Conference Committee

The Vision

The Conferences Committee will help everyone organising large events with and for Icon to work more collectively to ‘champion excellence and promote the value of caring for heritage’. The effect will better experiences and greater positive impact for individual members, Groups and Networks, our external reputation and public profile.


The Purpose

The Conference Committee will be a resource for people actively involved in organising large Icon events.  We will build on existing success to provide a framework that empowers and supports any individuals, groups or networks wanting to organise successful, profitable, large events, with an emphasis on making the most of available resources (skills, people, time, financial).

The Conferences Committee will oversee the development and delivery of The Icon Conference which will be an inclusive, aspirational, quality event for all.  

The Conferences Committee will provide equal and inclusive opportunities to support any individual who wishes to be involved with delivering or participating in The Icon Conference or a large Group event.



The Conferences Committee will:

  • Ensure communication pathways are clear
  • Develop and maintain a Master Calendar of notable national and international events relevant to our membership
  • Develop an Icon Conferences Planning Handbook to help all groups to organise successful large meetings with confidence, including undertaking and sharing formative and summative evaluation
  • Overseeing the development and delivery of The Icon Conference
  • Bring in external expertise as required
  • Being transparent in what we are doing and why we are doing it
  • Providing an open forum to share ideas and experiences