Network Meetings

Meetings are usually held twice a year and include presentations or discussions on key topics

18 April 2018, Wellcome Trust

Key topics: Admin/management: use of Trello; Update from David Leigh on BSI documents; Documentation Survey ready to be sent out; Re-focussing the aims of the Network and proposing key outputs; Making plans for Icon19. Presentation: Annika Pahlsson, (formerly) Preservation Development Officer at The National Archives, shared a project to procure a new documentation system.

7 December 2017, Wellcome Trust

Key topics: Admin/management of the group; development of a survey on current state of documentation; review of BSI EN 16095; update from CICOC-CRM special interest group; update on ResearchSpace and ConservationSpace; presentation on documentation of Preventive Conservation activities; preliminary discussion of Network's contribution to Icon Conference 2019.

22 March 2017, Wellcome Trust

Key topics: Discussion around DN strategy, ongoing projects and tools that can aid collaborative working; update from best practice/data-integration working groups (stained glass and book & paper); update on questionnaire and archive of documentation forms; update on reCollections; presentations on Git, The National Archives and ARCHES.

31 July 2016, Wellcome Trust

Key topics: Feedback from Icon Conference 2016; forming working groups to develop guidelines and examples of best practice for documentation; presentation on digital preservation.

07 April 2016, Wellcome Trust

Key topics: Planning for Icon Conference 2016; feedback/comment sought on Understanding Historic Buildings and SPECTRUM; presentation on V&A collection management/documentation system; presentation on Articheck.

29 October 2015, Wellcome Trust

Key topics: Formal approval of Icon Documentation Network; planning for Icon Conference 2016

03 December 2014, Wellcome Trust

Key topics: Proposal to become an Icon 'Network'; presentation on terminology and the development of standards; update on ConservationSpace.

29 July 2014, Wellcome Trust

​Key Topics: Presentation on documentation at the Horniman Museum; presentation on documentation for conservation science/technical studies; discussing development of a layered approach.

11 April 2014, Chelsea College of Arts

Key topics: Presentation on the current state of conservation documentation; discussing development of a layered approach; update on ConservationSpace.

27 November 2013, Chelsea College of Arts

Key topics: Defining the scope of the group.