Sponsor a student

We need your help to support emerging conservation professionals as they start their careers

Conservators care for the things that matter most to you - everything from our national treasures to family heirlooms and collectibles. They help us preserve our memories and history which helps us all understand our past, present and future. 

Sponsor a Student

Icon strives to create equal opportunities for all conservation professionals and is working towards the goal of a fully diverse and inclusive profession. We need your help to achieve our goal and remove barriers to entry that many emerging professionals face. Financial constraints remain a key barrier, and as a result, some talented conservators are not able to join Icon, missing the vital opportunities to build networks and learn new skills.

Icon student membership

An Icon student membership is a first step on the pathway to professional accreditation and is a key building block for a career in conservation. Joining Icon is an unparalleled opportunity for students to develop their professional skills by:

  • attending to events and workshops
  • building peer networks
  • joining our Emerging Professionals Network
  • accessing current research and development across a broad range of specialisms
  • learning from established professionals


There are several ways you can support and sponsor a student:

  1. You can support a membership for one student during the length of their degree, typically 3 years 

  2. You can support one year of membership for a student

  3. You can also donate any sum that we will put into a fund which will be used to offer student memberships


Sponsor an internship

Another key barrier is a lack of paid opportunities available to emerging professionals to learn practical skills and get hands-on experience. Icon works with partner organisations to run paid internships every year. Limited funding does not allow us to cover all conservation specialisms yet, and so we need your support. Your donation will help us to expand our internship support, eliminate barriers to participation and move closer to building a truly diverse and inclusive profession. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor internships, or if you are interested in working with us as a partner organisation. 

You can donate via our fundraising platform, or by contacting us at [email protected]

Building inclusivity

Inclusivity comes from removing the barriers faced by young people, but also by allowing their voices to be heard. Icon strives to engage with young people through the dialogue with our members, but also by motivating them to join our Board of Trustees. We firmly believe that listening to students and emerging professionals is key to not only building inclusivity, but also to engaging with the public and responding to our fast-changing world. With your support, we can build an inclusive future for conservation and ensure that all conservators are offered equal opportunities to join Icon, develop their skills and have access to much-needed paid internships