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Icon welcomes individuals and organisations from all backgrounds who identify with the conservation and preservation of our cultural heritage.  Our membership embraces the entire conservation community as well as members of the public who are keen to learn more or show their support for conservation work.

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 Read about the Interns appointed in Year 8 of the HLF Scheme plus our Externally Funded (EFP) interns  

Interns currently in placements: 

EFP Interns Autumn 2014

Lisa McCullough Alice Young Jorge Otero Jenny Snowdon
Maria Kaladgew Paul Turner Maria Pardos Mansilla Emily Austin


HLF/EFP Interns Spring 2014
Sophie Flynn-Piercy Martin Jackson Martha Infray Vania Valadas Assis
Mark Kearney Abigail Tyler Sophie Barton Giorgia Genco
Joanna Holt Farndale Natalie Brown Marta Garcia Celma John Maher
Sarah Walton Anna Starkey Mira Karttila


HLF/EFP Interns 2013 October
Sam Foley Zoë Lanceley  Caylin Smith Natasha Hall
Keeley Wilson Lewis Robins-Grace Tiago Oliveira  Esther Neumann
Sarai Vardi Elizabeth Miller Sibel Ergener 


Interns 2014

Marta Garcia Celma

Marta Garcia Celma

Marta Garcia Celma commenced her one year Icon internship in Photographic materials, Paper and Preventive conservation at the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland in April, 2014. For the duration of her placement she will be involved in Paper and Photographic Conservation two days per week, in Preventive Conservation for other two days and in professional development the remaining one. Marta will have the opportunity to attend different workshops in the Conservation of Photographs and Pest Management amongst others as well as the chance of visiting other institutions and studios to further develop her skills.

After her degree in Fine Arts (2005- 2009, University of Barcelona, Spain) followed by a specialization in Photographs, (2010, WDKA, Rotterdam. The Netherlands) Marta joined the two year MA Conservation program at Camberwell College of Arts, (2011, London, UK) where she specialised in Paper Conservation. Simultaneously she took place in volunteer programs at the Museum of London, V&A and Wellcome Trust and worked briefly for TNA. Meanwhile, Marta has been attending a broad number of conferences and workshops in conservation of photographic materials including “AIC & ICOM –CC Photographers Conservation Joint Meeting” NZ 2013; “Preservation of Photographic Collections” by Debra Hess Norris or “Introduction to the history, identification and preservation of 20th c. colour photographic materials”, “Contemporary photography: techniques and preservation” by Sylvie Penichon.

Marta greatly enjoys chatting about ethics and standards. Through the Internship she would like to open her network in conservation, as well as gain experience within salvage plans and obtain the confidence needed to work without supervision and collaborate actively in the conservation field.
Marta would like to thank Icon and HLF for that opportunity and her supervisors at RCAHMS for her incredible mentoring program.

Giorgia Genco

icon picture ggGiorgia Genco started her one year Icon internship in book collection care with Caroline Bendix at the end of April 2014. She will have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of projects around UK as her supervisor is a freelance and adviser for the NT and NADFAS. She will be involved in surveys, conservation in-situ treatments, environment – preventive conservation, packing and moving, books and shelving assessment, handling and security projects with several institutes, national conservation bodies and private collections. As part of the internship activities she will learn about volunteers training and she will manage a group in a cleaning project. Giorgia will have the opportunity to work with other professionals and to attend several workshops like bookbinding structure and mould management. In order to improve her skills she will also have the chance to do a short exchange with other intern and visit other institutes and conservation laboratories.

After a bachelor degree in Conservation Science at the University of Tuscia in Viterbo, where she studied diagnostic for cultural heritage, she decided to attend a MA in Conservation of Book and paper materials at the University of Palermo. Through these years she had the opportunity to do experiences in several subjects from archaeological survey to environmental measurements, but her first interested is in book conservation. She did an internship of one year in a laboratory of book and archive conservation that gave her the opportunity to improve her skills by working on individual items.

Through this internship Giorgia wants to improve her skills and knowledge in preventive conservation and in book collections care and she wants to gain more experience in order to become a full-rounded book conservator. She would like to build her future network in conservation and learning all about the business aspect of running a career as a book conservator.

Giorgia would like to thank you the Icon and HLF for this great opportunity as well as her supervisor for the wonderful work oportunities she offered!       

Martha Infray

Martha InfrayAfter completing a BA in Ancient History at Cardiff University I went on to study the MA in the Conservation of Archaeological and Museum Objects at Durham University. This two year course gave me the skills to work as an archaeological and museum conservator, including researching, analysing, cleaning, preserving, and caring for a broad range of objects. The first year of the course was spent at university with a mix of theoretical lectures and practical work and the second year was a professional placement which I undertook at the National Museum of Wales in the archaeological conservation laboratory. I graduated equipped with a sound knowledge and critical understanding of current professional principles, good practice and contemporary debates in conservation but felt there was so much more for me to learn. I volunteered at two National Trust properties and at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for several months following graduation and was delighted to be offered the ICON internship in Preventive Conservation at the Norfolk Museums Service. This is a great opportunity for me to put all my past experience into practice.

During my internship I will be focusing on building up my museum experience in the hope of becoming a respected conservation professional. In the seven weeks since the start of my internship, I have been involved with:

two temporary exhibitions de-installs preparing objects for temporary loans dealing with an IPM emergency developing an IPM plan for the Norwich Castle Museum “The Wonder of Birds” exhibition undertaking remedial conservation work on taxidermy bird specimens and silver vervels I have also attended the “Bright Ideas: new developments in museum lighting”, a conference run by the Museums Association in London to keep me up to date with lighting within the museums sector. I will disseminate this information to my colleagues in conservation and in display.

Come December, I will go on the emergency planning and practical salvage course to gain a better understanding of how to deal with any emergency within the heritage sector.

I plan to visit my fellow preventive conservator interns this summer to gain an understanding of how preventive conservation is run in other institutions and in relation to different collections.

Natalie Brown

natalie brownNatalie Brown began her one year internship, specialising in Library materials at the National Library of Scotland in April, 2014. Over the course of the internship Natalie will have the opportunity to undertake practical conservation on a wide variety of collection items, preservation management, disaster preparation, exhibition work and couriering, as well as developing new treatment methodologies and consulting with other organisations to update the library’s policies and procedures. During the internship Natalie will also have the opportunity to become involved in conservation outreach and skill sharing workshops.
Having known she wanted to pursue a career in conservation, Natalie began by completing a BA in Art History from The University of Nottingham (2008-2011) in preparation. During this time she volunteered at the University gallery and a National Trust property as a conservation assistant. Following this Natalie completed a two year Masters degree at Camberwell College of Art (2011-2013), specialising in art on paper. While studying Natalie became increasingly interested in 3D paper objects and for her final project rebuilt the original project model of the Cottesloe Theatre for the National Theatre Archives. This then lead to working with NT Archives on two freelance projects after graduating. At this time Natalie also volunteered at a private paper studio to further develop her practical skills and tried her hand at plaster conservation, working with Cliveden Conservation to restore the Queens College Library at Oxford University. Natalie also briefly volunteered with another National Trust property to learn about preservation management within Historic Houses.
Natalie is interested in all areas of conservation within the library and through her internship will be able further develop her practical skills, gain experience working with a variety of material and project sizes, and learn about preventative conservation within a large institution. Natalie is also keen to learn more about book conservation and historic bookbinding, and help develop new treatments for the library, including using aqueous and solvent gels and re-moistenable tissue.
Natalie would like to thank her supervisors and the NLS conservation team for their continued support as well as ICON and HLF for giving her this opportunity to be involved in such a dynamic internship programme.

Joanna Holt Farndale

Joanna Holt FarndaleJoanna began an internship in Preventive Conservation at the Horniman Museum and Gardens at the end of April 2014. Having formerly worked in theatre as a Stage Manager Joanna re-trained and graduated from London Metropolitan University with a BSc (Hons) Conservation and Restoration in 2009. During her time at London Metropolitan University Joanna volunteered at the Old Operating Theatre Museum. Upon graduating she worked as a Project Conservator at the Science Museum. After this, Joanna undertook a volunteer placement in Preventive Conservation at the Horniman Museum and it was during this time that an interest in Preventive Conservation was sparked. Joanna then completed a Project Conservator role at the Horniman before moving on to a short term contract at the British Library in Preventive Conservation. Joanna has been working towards her MA Conservation of Historic Objects at the University of Lincoln by distance learning which she finishes this year.
Now back at the Horniman she is very much looking forward to developing her interest in preventive conservation further in order to be able to equally contribute to the work of museum conservation departments by having a rounded training in conservation.
Joanna would like to thank Icon, HLF and the Horniman Museum and Gardens for offering her the opportunity to undertake this internship.

Sophie Barton

sophie barton

Furniture Conservation Intern – Tankerdale Ltd.

With an interest in technical art history, having previously studied History of Art at the University if York, I chose to study Conservation at City & Guilds of London Art School (C&G). Studying at York, I had the chance to work at Castle Howard which gave me an insight into the day to day running of an important historic house. Whilst at C&G, I developed an interest in painted wood and decided to focus on the conservation of polychrome objects. Since graduating, I have gained experience working on polychrome sculpture at SRAL, Maastricht in Holland, at IRPA in Brussels and latterly at the CRRCOA in Vesoul, France. My travels have enabled me to work with inspiring colleagues on polychrome religious sculpture and painted surfaces in Europe.
I am delighted to have the opportunity to work on composite items of furniture with the highly skilled professionals at Tankerdale Ltd. During my internship I will be focussing on the conservation of decorative surfaces on furniture, learning finishing techniques for wood surfaces and gaining experience working on a variety of decorative finishes. I look forward to participating in object surveys in historic properties and taking part in upcoming projects. The site-work will involve promoting conservation and increasing the public awareness of conservation in public collections.
My internship started in April and I have already been able to take part in a variety a conservation treatments with my colleagues. This has ranged from choosing the most appropriate consolidant to treat a woodworm damaged dolphin, documenting object treatments to cleaning ormolu lilies in a bath.
I will benefit from learning the current best practice, liaising with professionals in the field and contributing to my professional development. I am grateful to Tankerdale Ltd, ICON and HLF for enabling me to gain this invaluable experience.

Abigail Tyler

abigail tylerTextiles Conservation - Textile Conservation Ltd.

Researching historic textiles for my Art and Design Foundation course in 2009 opened my eyes to textile conservation as a career.
In 2013 I graduated from the University of Lincoln with a BA in Conservation and Restoration. I was introduced to conservation of a wide range of materials, and gained a solid grounding in conservation ethics and an understanding of current practices.
During my course I completed a six week placement at The National Trust Textile Conservation Studio. After graduating I worked on a modern tapestry conservation project at Portcullis House, Palace of Westminster. I also volunteered at The Museum of Cambridge, helping care for their local history collection and accessions data base.
It was a privilege to be offered this ICON internship with Textile Conservation Limited, Bristol. I am working alongside a small, friendly team of professional conservators who come from a range of backgrounds and specialisms. Our customers include historic houses, museums and private clients; allowing me to learn to treat a diverse range of textile objects. It is an invaluable chance to experience the everyday running of a busy textile conservation business.
My internship so far has allowed me the time to research thoroughly into my projects. I have also gained new practical skills and experience, such as costume mounting, tapestry conservation and project planning. As well as meeting my fellow interns’ and sharing experiences and skills, I’m looking forward to continuing to widen my experience at the studio.

Sarah Walton

Sarah Walton

Costume Mounting - Manchester City Galleries.

After graduating from my degree in Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University and volunteering to work on the costume collection at Touchstones Arts and Heritage Centre, I have started a two year internship with the Manchester City Galleries as a Costume Mounting Technician.
Based at Queen’s Park Conservation Studios, I am practising and developing methods, standards and techniques needed to display and care for fashion, textiles and historic dress within the collections. As well as developing a wider understanding required for the long term care of these objects and gaining a depth of knowledge and understanding of a wide range of period and contemporary dress.

The process of mounting each costume presents a unique task of preventative conservation.
Sufficient support and accurate interpretation of style is achieved though the use of individually padded mannequins and specially made underpinnings.
So far I have covered a range of techniques including selecting, mounting and covering a mannequin, producing suitable petticoats, crinolines and underpinnings and studying the appropriate stance, shape and style of a particular period.
I have also covered issues of handling, packaging and transport and have been introduced to the practice of remedial textile conservation techniques.

During my internship so far I have gained the experience of mounting and assisting with the install of two costume exhibitions ‘Cotton Couture’ at Manchester Art Gallery and ‘Something Blue: Wedding Dresses 1914 – 2014’ at Platt Hall.
I continue to work on loan material and on going exhibitions within the galleries.
I have had the opportunity of attending training days such as an integrated pest management workshop at Whitworth Art Gallery and a two day Costume Mounting DATS workshop at the V&A.
I have also benefitted from the sharing of skills with the Whitworth Art Galleries Conservation & Technical Team, and the specialist costume mounter (Gesa Werner) employed to help deliver Cotton Couture.
I am able to contribute to curatorial discussions, and provide information to aide design and schedule meetings.

Interns 2013

Lewis Robins-Grace

Lewis Robins-GracePreventive Conservation - Westminster Abbey

Lewis started her internship at Westminster Abbey at the beginning of October this year and has already had a chance to develop her Preventive Conservation skills. The Conservation Housekeeping schedule has been handed over to Lewis for the duration of her Internship, which involves daily and weekly cleaning of some of the most important monuments and areas of the Abbey, including the Cosmati Pavement and the Chapel of Edward the Confessor.

Lewis also had a chance to work with the Conservation Department during the annual re-waxing of the Grave of the Unknown Warrior, which was carried out in preparation for Remembrance Day. Amongst other things, Lewis will be carrying out a condition survey of the monuments in the Great Cloister, and assisting the conservators with dust monitoring and Integrated Pest Management.

The vast range of materials and objects which make up the Abbey’s collection offer Lewis an incredible opportunity to develop her knowledge, understanding and experience of Preventive Conservation. Lewis is very grateful to HLF for making this Internship possible, and to ICON for facilitating the process. It is a great privilege for her to have such an extended experience of work in Westminster Abbey.

Lewis would also like to thank QEST, the J Paul Getty Trust, and the Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers for their support throughout her conservation training. 


kwilsonKeeley Wilson

Having graduated from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry, Keeley became interested in conservation, and followed this up with a Masters in Preventive Conservation from Northumbria. Looking to build on her theoretical knowledge, Keeley is working with the National Trust for Scotland in their many historic properties.

She will have the opportunity to take part in the annual deep cleaning of the houses, as well as undertaking the Pest Management Schemes and writing conservation cleaning plans for some of the properties. Keeley has already had the opportunity to work alongside accredited conservators as part of projects like the cleaning of the Falkland Palace tapestries, and the variety and range of objects that the Trust has in its collections means that Keeley will have the prospect of building up a thorough understanding of the different challenges presented by working in a Historic House environment.

This internship is the ideal opportunity for Keeley to develop her skills as a conservator, and to integrate her scientific background into the conservation work being undertaken. She hopes to experience a full spectrum of preventive conservation and collections care activities that she can use in her further professional development.

Sarai VardiSarai VardiConservation of Books and Archival Material - The Leather Conservation Centre


Sarai began her internship at the Leather Conservation Centre in October and has already had the opportunity to work on a wide range of books and archival material, including a 16th century embroidered textile covered manuscript and a collection of large leather bindings. At the LCC, Sarai also gets the chance to expand her skill set by working on objects 1.5 days a week and has recently completed the full conservation treatment of a leather box bag.


After a brief career as an illustrator, Sarai re-trained on the Conservation MA at Camberwell College of Arts specialising in book conservation. She has undertaken work placements at the College of Arms, Wellcome Trust, Book and Archive Conservation Services, the Warburg Institute, The Book and Paper Studio and UCL Special Collections, and most recently worked on a short term project for the Scottish Conservation Studio prior to starting at the LCC. 


Throughout her internship, Sarai hopes to continue to develop her practical skills through working on a range of different material. She also looks forward to gaining a better understanding of the production, deterioration and conservation of leather in particular, and learning more about the business aspect of running a private studio.


Sarai would like to thank the HLF and Icon for this opportunity, as well as QEST and The Clothworkers’ Foundation for their support throughout her conservation training. 


Photo ©Historic Royal Palaces

Zoe LanceleyZoë LanceleyHistoric Royal Palaces

After graduating from my first degree (BA Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University) I was lucky enough to get a job as a conservation technician at the Whitworth Art Gallery. This was a fantastic introduction into the world of conservation and I got to work on many exciting exhibitions over my five years there. This led me onto working as a costume mounting specialist at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and eventually to studying MPhil Textile Conservation at the University of Glasgow, where I recently graduated. During my time at Glasgow I also completed a two month internship at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, USA.

Gaining an internship at Historic Royal Palaces is a great opportunity for me to put all my past experience into practice. The calibre of objects that I have the chance to work with is amazing; everything has such an interesting backstory. While I’m here I am keen to develop my practical skills and carry out as many interventive treatments as possible. Having an internship which is supported by the ICON training team is really beneficial, and I look forward to meeting all the other ICON interns.


Sam Foley – Books and Bound Materials, PZ Conservation.

I originally trained in Fine Art specialising in Sculpture at Central Saint Martins. Towards the end of my studies a chance trip to the UKHO conservation studio lead me to volunteer at my local records office. It was at the Essex Record Office where I got my first hands on experience and where I decided I wished to train as a conservator. I feel extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to train at PZ conservation. I feel I have learn a huge amount even in the short time I have been here. I have already got stuck into some bookbinding, repairs and outreach projects among many other things. I now look forward to the rest of my internship and making the most of this fantastic opportunity.  Back to top

Lizzie Miller - Preventive Conservation, Bolton Library and Museum Service


After completing her BA Archaeology at Sheffield University (2007) Lizzie went on to study the MA in the Conservation of Archaeological and Museum Objects at Durham University (2012). Following this she worked for a year gaining sound experience as an archaeological conservator at Bevaringscenter Fyn, Denmark. Lizzie is now pleased to be undertaking the Icon HLF internship in preventive conservation at Bolton Library and Museum Service.

Lizzie started the internship in October and has already been involved in a variety of different projects, including assisting with the planning of a new HLF Egypt gallery; coordinating the annual deep cleans of two historic halls; reviewing the Museum’s pest monitoring procedures; and undertaking a disaster kit audit project. She is also gaining practical experience by carrying out conservation treatment of objects from the Egyptology collection.

This Icon internship will give Lizzie the opportunity to learn valuable skills in preventive conservation, as well as continuing to develop her practical treatment skills of 3D objects. She hopes that this experience will contribute to her becoming a more well-rounded and capable conservator.

Lizzie is grateful to Icon, the HLF, and Bolton Library and Museum Service for making this experience possible.

Tiago Oliveira

Tiago OliveiraOn conclusion of my BA in Art Conservation and Restoration with specialization in sculptures and gilded altarpieces at the Portuguese Catholic University, I have cooperated as a conservator-restorer with several heritage preservation organizations in Portugal. During these years I have gained professional experience on the conservation of historical objects, devotional sculptures and paintings.My interest in ceramics and related materials grew up on the background and soon I started learning and working on these objects under close guidance. Demanding further specialization and unable to fulfil my aims at home, I came to the UK and enrolled in a Conservation of Ceramics and Related Materials degree at West Dean College where I have completed my MA in 2012. During that time I had the amazing opportunity to have a short work-placement in the Ceramics Conservation Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum and could experience what would be to work in such cultural institution.
A first job in the field after completion of my studies in the UK has led me towards the conservation of wooden, terracotta and stone sculptures in London. Whilst there, recent studies combined with previous experience in Portugal proved to be a a good asset.
I found myself now following what I appreciate the most, the care and conservation of ceramics. Here at Sarah Peek's studio I am surrounded by the most beautiful pots I could desire for, from all over the world. It has been a pleasure to be doing what I treasure the most in such a welcoming and professional environment.




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