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Icon welcomes individuals and organisations from all backgrounds who identify with the conservation and preservation of our cultural heritage.  Our membership embraces the entire conservation community as well as members of the public who are keen to learn more or show their support for conservation work.

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Press Release

Icon is launching a National Strategy, setting the direction for conservation education over the next five years. The Strategy recognises the particular contexts of the devolved nations within the UK, as well as the European and wider international framework.

Having facilitated the development and articulation of the strategy, Icon itself has formal ownership of it.  Responsibility for delivery of the Strategy however is not Icon’s alone - this lies with the UK cultural heritage community at large and Icon recognises the many contributions that have already been made by partners and stakeholders. The Strategy acts to weave these various threads together, to persuade others to contribute, and to ensure that the use of resources is optimised.

The Strategy’s key purpose is to foster a successful learning and research environment in the UK to delivers the knowledge, skills and understanding that will be needed in the future.

Conservation education in the UK already has an excellent reputation. There are well established working relationships between educators and employers, while qualifications and professional standards enable many routes of entry to the profession. The Strategy will build on these strengths by galvanising stakeholders, bringing participants together, and by focussing the contributions of all those involved in the conservation of cultural heritage.


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