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Icon welcomes individuals and organisations from all backgrounds who identify with the conservation and preservation of our cultural heritage.  Our membership embraces the entire conservation community as well as members of the public who are keen to learn more or show their support for conservation work.


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Join now: for an annual fee enjoy Icon's many benefits: 

Access your sector's knowledge and support

  • Be part of and connect with a growing community of like-minded members
  • Iconnect's electronic monthly news bulletins, including hot-off-the press  announcements and newsfeeds
  • Our academic and practical Journal of the Institute of Conservation , twice a year
  • Online access to current and past issues of the Journal of the Institute of Conservation
  • Online access to current issues of Collection Management, International Journal of Architectural Conservation, International Journal of Heritage Studies, Museum Management and Curatorship, and World Archaeology
  • Icon News - six times a year
  • Up to the minute electronic alerts on happenings from your chosen two Specialist Groups
  • Our lively website, a wealth of information vital to being a conservator, keeping you abreast of the latest developments and events, getting you involved
  • Networking opportunities at events, courses, all 16 specialist group meetings and our triennial conference
  • Enjoyable cultural events where you can socialise with others who value what you value

Your career development



  • Weekly Iconnect Jobs announcements, emailed direct to you - plus full listings of current job vacancies on our website
  • Web-based Training Exchange Service matching conservators offering work experience to those seeking it
  • Monthly Intern News Bulletin, bringing the latest on internships past, present and future
  • Support and guidance to achieving PACR accreditation and maintaining your CPD
  • Reduced rates for courses, Icon events and the triennial conference


Your  membership fee is tax-deductable
If you personally pay your membership subscription you may claim this in your tax return for the current tax year. Icon will be listed on the Inland Revenue's List 3, which shows those learned societies and professional bodies where tax can be reclaimed on subscriptions.  However, this list will only be updated at the end of 2013. Local HMRC offices will not receive notification of the Institute’s approved status until then. Therefore if you wish to obtain a deduction for your annual subscription before the list is updated, you should explain when contacting HMRC that the Institute has only recently been approved and quote the Head Office reference - which is RH/T1644/28/2005/JEM.
For more information about tax relief see the HMRC website

Discounts* to services, negotiated by Icon 



Your forum for influence

  • Your right to stand for election to the Board of Trustees of Icon and to nominate others *
  • Election privileges, including your right to vote at the Icon AGM*
  • Opportunities to contribute to the running of Icon and wider conservation policy work through our committees and Specialist Groups



* this does not apply to Student, Graduate and Supporter membership grades


Representation by Icon - advocacy


Icon promotes conservation. Our voice is increasingly heard thanks to the strong relations and partnerships we've forged while advocating our sector's needs and promoting the critical part we play in conserving cultural heritage. Since it formed in 2005, Icon has been representing its members at all significant policy setting forums, steering groups and think tanks, and in relevant government departments.

Outcomes of our advocacy, some examples:

  • Many employers' adoption of minimal salary level for conservators
  • Employers' increasing preference for hiring PACR accredited conservators
  • Over £1 million HLF grant award for in-practice conservation training internships,
  • Sponsorships for our Conservation Awards that build our reputation as an innovative, dynamic and socially valued sector;



Each new member strengthens our ability to champion conservation and influence decision-makers. That's why your membership is so important.


Your eligibility to achieve PACR accreditation


Icon runs PACR Accreditation , a programme that ensures the highest standards of conservation practice are met and maintained. It is fast becoming a must-have qualification for both private and public sector employment in our field.  

As an accredited conservator and Icon member you become eligible to belong to Icon's Conservation Register, a publicly available referral register for conservator services.



Insurance for conservation practices is a complex and specialist area and not all insurers and brokers can offer a specialist service. In 2012 we ran a survey of members and found that practices were using a variety of providers although two were dominant and have focused on the conservation field. The survey indicated that generally members were satisfied with the service they received for both placing insurance and on the very rare occasions claims have been made.

Whilst Icon cannot endorse specific insurers or brokers, we are happy to provide details of the two schemes which were most popular in the survey and you can find details via the links below:





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