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Icon welcomes individuals and organisations from all backgrounds who identify with the conservation and preservation of our cultural heritage.  Our membership embraces the entire conservation community as well as members of the public who are keen to learn more or show their support for conservation work.

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The Chantry Library holds a range of journal publication relating to conservation. We actively subscribe to many recognised heritage conservation serials, but some of our collections are historic, with subscriptions discontinued by choice or where publication has ceased. We retain back issues of discontinued journals that remain relevant to our users, or where a journal is unavailable elsewhere within the UK.

An alphabetic list of the library's journal holdings can be found below. Icon publications are denoted by the * symbol. Click on a letter in the grid below to move directly to titles beginning with that letter.



AATA [Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts]
v. 8-35: 1970-1999
Abbey Newsletter
v. 1-27: 1975-2004
AIC [American Institute for Conservation]  Journal
v. 10-: 1970-
AIC Newsletter
v. 4-: 1978-
AIC [Book and Paper Group of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works] - The Book and Paper Group Annual
v. 1-: 1982- (Imperfect holdings)
AIC [Photographic Materials Group]  Topics in Photographic Preservation
v. 1-9: 1986-2001
AICCM [Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials] Bulletin
v. 15-: 1989-
AICCM [Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials] National Newsletter
no. 12-: 1984-
AIM [Association of Independent Museums]  Bi-monthly Bulletin
v. 14-17: 1991-1994 (Imperfect holdings)
AMSSEE [Area Museums Service for South Eastern England]
1977-1995 (Imperfect holdings)
APOYO [Asociación para la Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural de las Américas]
v. 8-11: 1998-2001
APROA [Association Professionelle des Conservateurs/Restaurateurs d'Oeuvres d'Art]  Bulletin
1996-2003 (Imperfect holdings)
AREAA [Association des Conservateurs-Restaurateurs de l'Ecole et d'Art d'Avignon] - Cahiers
v. 9-10: 1999-2000
ARQ [L'Association des Relieurs du Quebec]- Bulletin
1986- (Imperfect holdings)
ARQ  Journal
v. 3-11: 1985-1993 (Imperfect holdings)
ARQ - Reliures et Papiers
v. 12-13: 1996-1997 (Imperfect holdings)
Art Business Today

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v. 28-29: 1979-1980 (Imperfect holdings)
Bibliotheca: Historic Libraries Newsletter
no. 3-5: 1996-1998
Bolletino dell Istituto Centrale per la Patologia del Libro
v. 32-43: 1973-1989
BAPH [British Association of Paper Historians]  News
no. 10-: 1993- (Imperfect holdings)
BAPH - The Quarterly
no. 1-: 1989-
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin
v. 1-: 2007-
Bull and Branch - Newsletter of the Friends of the Dard Hunter Paper Museum
v. 2-: 1983- (Imperfect holdings)
Business Archives Council  Newsletter
no. 36-55: 1979-1984 (Imperfect holdings)
Business Archives
no. 46-49: 1980-1983 (Imperfect holdings)

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CAN [Conservation Administration] News
no. 1-57: 1979-1994 (Imperfect holdings)
Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild Newsletter
v. 2-: 1984- (Imperfect holdings)
CCF [Care of Collections Forum]
1995-2005 (Imperfect holdings)
CCI [Canadian Conservation Institute] - Journal
v. 1-4: 1976-1980
CCI - Newsletter
1988- (Imperfect holdings)
CCI - Review of Conservation Research Projects
CCI Technical Bulletin
no. 1- (Imperfect holdings)
Conserva - Rivista del Centro Nacional de Conservácion y Restaurácion
no. 1-5: 1997-2013
Conservation News[United Kingdom Group of the International Institute for Conservation of Historical and Artistic Works]
no. 1-98: 1976-2005
Conservation Restauration des Biens Culturels - Revue editée par l'ARAAFU (Association des Restaurateurs d'Art et d'Archeologie Formation Universitaire)
No. 3-: 1991-
The Conservator *
no. 1-: 1977-2008  (See The Journal of the Institute of Conservation, from 2009)
Conservazione [Editione per la conservazione] : mensile internazionale di prevenzione e conservazione cultura e ambiente. Cultura e ambiente. (International monthly review for preservation and conservation. Culture and environment)
v. 1-2: 1989-1990
La conservazione delle carte antiche: Notizie dal labatorio di restaurato di documenti, libri e legature del Commune di Milano
Council on Library and Information Resources
CRM - Cultural Resources Management and Information for Parks, Federal Agencies, Indian Tribes, States, Local Governments and the Private Sector
v. 17-25: 1994-2002
CUADERNOS - Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico
v. 8-: 1998-
CUADERNOS Técnicos - Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico
v. 2-8: 1996-2003
Centro di Studi per la Conservazione della Carta Notizario
no. 1-5: 1987-1991 (Imperfect holdings)
CPC Newsletter - News and Comments from the Centre for Photographic Conservation
no. 1-3: 1994-1996
Conservation Bulletin - A Bulletin of the Historic Environment
no. 26-: 1995-
Conservation Update - Newsletter of the Conservation Unit, Museums and Galleries Commission

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Designer Bookbinders Newsletter
23-130: 1978-2006
Designer Bookbinders Review
no. 12-14: 1978-1979
Discover NLS [National Library of Scotland]
no. 1-: 2006-
DRV (Deutscher Restauratoren Verband) Mitteilungen (frequency uncertain)

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ECCO Newsletter (European Conferedration of Conservator-Restorers Organization)
no. 2-8: 1995-2002
no. 126-: 2004-
European Cultural Heritage Newsletter on research
v. 1-7: 1987-1993

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FoU-projektet för papperskonservering
Focus (Historic Scotland)
Issue1, 2009 - 
Fine Print: A review for the arts of the book.
v. 2-16: 1976-1990

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Getty Conservation Institute  Newsletter [Conservation - since 1991]
v. 1-: 1986-
Getty Trust  Bulletin
v. 2-10: 1987-1996
Getty Trust  Report
Grapevine [UKIC]
v. 1-78: 1989-2002
Guild of Book Workers Journal
v.10-: 1972-
Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
no. 12-: 1978-

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The Hamilton Kerr Institute  Bulletin
v. 1-3: 1988-2000
Heritage Development
HBIC/HLIC - Newsletter of the History of the Book in Canada / Bulletin d'histoire du livre et de imprimé au Canada
v. 1-2: 2001-2002

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ICCM (Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material) Bulletin
v. 9-14: 1983-1988
ICCROM Newsletter
no. 1-: 1973-
ICCROM - Stop Press
no. 26-30: 1993-1997 (Imperfect holdings)
ICOM News - Bulletin of the International Council of Museums
v. 31-: 1978-
ICOM - Study Series / Cahiers d'etude / Cudernos de Estudios
no. 2-: 1996-
ICOM - Assorted Items
ICOM - UK News
no. 29-63: 1990-2002
Icon News *
No. 1-: 2005-
IDP News - Newsletter of the International Dunhuang Project
no. 4-: 1996-
IIC - Bulletin [Old format]
Journal of the IIC-CG [Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property/Association Canadienne pour la conservation et la restauration des bien culturels] (formerly Bulletin)
v. 4-21: 1978-1996 (Imperfect holdings)
IPH [International Association of Paper Historians ] - Information
v. 13-24: 1979-1990
International Paper History
v. 1-12: 1991-2002
ISO Bulletin  International Organisation for Standardisation
v. 23-32: 1992-2001 (Imperfect holdings)
ISO 9000 News
v. 1-4: 1992-1995 (Imperfect holdings)
Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Historico: PH: Boletín del Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico
v. 14-: 1996-
Institut für Museumwesen - Literatur-information
Institut für Museumwesen Schriftenreihe

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Journal of Paper Conservation (IADA)
v.10 2009 - (previous name - PapierRestaurierung (IADA)

Journal of the Institute of Conservation
v. 32  2009- (Integration of The Conservator and The Paper Conservator)


Libraries Conservation News
no. 14-55: 1987-1997
The Library Scene
v. 9-10: 1980-1981 (Imperfect holdings)
London College of Printing: Students Bookbinding Society Newsletter
no. 3-7: 1986-1988

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MDA Information
v. 2-12: 1978-1988
MDA News
no. 1-15: 1977-2002
MDA Outlook
Meddelelser om Konservering
1997-2000 (Imperfect holdings)
Morocco Bound: Quarterly Journal of the Guild of Craft Bookbinders
v. 1-24: 1980-
Museums Association - Museums Bulletin
v. 13-28: 1973-1988
Museums Journal
1973- (Imperfect holdings)
MGC [Museums & Galleries Commission] - Museum Matters
v. 1-102: 1993-2002
MTI [Museums Training Institute] News
no. 1-13: 1990-1993
Museum News [National Heritage]

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National Gallery Technical Bulletin
v. 24-: 2003-
National Library of Australia News
v. 15-: 2005-
New Heritage
Neue Museumskunde
The New Bookbinder
v. 1-21: 1981-2001; v.30  2010 -
News in Conservation (IIC)
no. 3-:
NPO Journal
no. 1-13: 1998-2003
Norske Konserves
v. 7-13 (Imperfect holdings)
Nordisk Konservatorforbund Bulletin
no. 52-64: 1996-2001 (Imperfect holdings)

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OJO  Connoisseurship and Conservation of Photographs
no. 1-2: 1991-1992

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Patrimonio y desarrollo
no. 1-6: 2000-2001 (Imperfect holdings)
Paper Conservation News
no. 1-115: 1976-2005
The Paper Conservator
v. 1-31: 1976-2007 (See Journal of the Institute of Conservation, from 2009 - change of name)
Papier Restaurierung (Mittelungen der IADA)
v. 1-9  2000-2008 (See Journal of Paper Conservation from 2009 - change of name)
PH – Boletín del Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico
no. 14-: 1996-
Photographic Conservation
v. 1-7: 1979-1985
The Picture Restorer: The Journal of British Picture Restorers
no. 1-: 1992- (Imperfect holdings)
Printing Historical Society Bulletin
no. 1-43: 1980-1997
Preservation of Library Materials: The Newsletter of the Australian Library and Information Association Special Interest Group for the Preservation of Library Materials
no. 9-13: 1992-1995 (Imperfect holdings)
Print Quarterly
v. 3-: 1986-

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Rare Books Newsletter
no. 59-72: 1998-2004 (Imperfect holdings)
v. 17-19: 1996-1998
Restauración Hoy: Revista de divulgacia - Centro National de Restauracion
no. 1-8: 1992-1995 (Imperfect holdings)
Restaurator: International Journal for the Preservation of Library and Archival Materials
v. 2-: 1978-
Restauro: Zeitschrift für Kunsttechniken Restaurierung und Museumsfragen. (Formerly: Maltechnik Restauro: Internationale Zeitschrift für Farb- und Maltechniken, Restaurierung und Museumsfragen)
Reviews in Conservation: The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
v. 1-: 2000-
Rundbrief Fotographie: Arbeitsgruppe - Fotographie in Museum des Museumbands Baden-Württemberg e.V. in Zussamenarbeit mit der Sektion Geschichte der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photographie .
nos. 0-20: 1993-1998 (Imperfect holdings)

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The Scribe - Journal of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators
no. 37, 39: 1986-1987
The Society of Bookbinders and Book Restorers - Scottish Regional Newsletter
no. 4-25: 1982-1989
The Society of Bookbinders - Newsletter
1990-2003 (Imperfect holdings)
The Society of Bookbinders and Book Restorers - Bookbinder
v. 3-5: 1989-1991
SoA [Society of Archivists] Journal
v. 6-23: 1980-2003
SoA  Newsletter
no. 12-153: 1980-2002 (Imperfect holdings)
no. 154-174: 2002-2004 (Imperfect holdings)
SSCR [Scottish Society for Conservation and Restoration of Historic and Artistic Works] - Newsletter
no. 1-56: 1977-1989
SSCR - Bulletin
no. 1-1: 1983-1989
SSCR - Journal (a quarterly news magazine)
v. 1-16: 1990-2005
Studies in Conservation: The Journal of the International Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
v. 8-: 1963-

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Traditional Paint News (The Journal of the Traditional Paint Forum)
v.2, no.3  2008 -

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Ultrabold  (the Journal of St.Bride Library, St Bride Foundation)
v.1  2006-

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V&A Conservation Journal
no. 1-53: 1991-2006

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The Wallpaper History Review
1993-2001 (Imperfect holdings)
The Wallpaper History Society - Autumn Review
WAAC [Western Association of Art Conservators] Newsletter
v. 1-: 1979-
Wolfenbütteler Schriften zur Geschichte des Buchwesens
v. 40-: 2005-

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Zeitschrift für Kunsttechnologie und Konservierung
v. 9-14: 1995-2000

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