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Icon welcomes individuals and organisations from all backgrounds who identify with the conservation and preservation of our cultural heritage.  Our membership embraces the entire conservation community as well as members of the public who are keen to learn more or show their support for conservation work.


Minutes November 2005 PDF Print E-mail


Minutes of the 13th meeting of the Interim Board held at 1 London Bridge at 1p.m. on 22nd November 2005

Present: Carole Milner (CM) (in the Chair); Rose Briskman; Mike Caudrey; Kate Colleran (KC); Helen Hughes; Magda Kozera (until 15.15); Alastair McCapra (AMc); Clare Meredith; Ian Moor; Lisa Nilsen; Anna Southall (AS)(from 1.30) ; Lynne Thomas (LT); Peter Winsor; Chris Woods (CW) (from 1.30); Lynette Gill

Also present: Susan Gordon attending on behalf of Charity Business

Apologies: Andy Holbrook; David Leigh

Minutes of the previous meeting (12th October) 1. The Minutes were approved, subject to correction of a typing error in paragraph 17: substitute AMc for AM

MATTERS ARISING 2.a. CE report - acknowledging staff effort (para. 5):The three working days between Christmas and New Year are to be awarded to staff as holiday in recognition of their hard work throughout this exceptional year.

2.b. ECCO (European Confederation of Conservator-restorers’ Organisations) membership: (para.10) A single application for Icon membership has been submitted. SSCR (Scottish Society for Conservation and Restoration) membership had been cancelled at the beginning of the year but UKIC and IPC will pay their subscriptions for the period April ’05 to March ’06.

Risk Management (paper by LT) 3. Two new categories have been added: Removed Risks, those which have been reduced to zero, and Transferred Risks, those which will form part of the risk lists for the new Board. Noted that systems risks do not pose an organisational threat but are time-consuming and that website progress has been complicated by the acquisition of the icon domain name. Icon membership take-up is picking up pace after a slow start. Certain finance and staffing risks will be addressed by the Treasurer’s report. A process led by the Chair and Vice-chair was in place to confirm the CE in post before the handover to the new Board.

4. The Board accepted the high, new, changed, transferred and removed risks and thanked Lynne Thomas for introducing and managing the risk list approach to keep the Board focussed on its task.

Chief Executive’s Report (paper by AMc) 5. The Board approved the extension of Carol Brown’s secondment by three months and the intention to advertise the vacant staff post as groups and membership officer. Other points were noted, including:

  • the satisfactory outcome of the interviews for the post of Hon. Treasurer.
  • progress towards establishing the Science and Private Practice Groups, which would be invited at the AGM to plan their use of start-up funding
  • a major event planned at Stirling Castle for the Scotland Group
  • Chris Woods’s selection for the skills advisory panel for the Cultural Heritage Sector.


Strategic Plan (paper by AMc)
6. It was noted that if the Heritage Lottery Fund bid were successful it would have a significant impact on the Plan. It is difficult to incorporate this into the document in advance of HLF’s decision, but some reference needs to be made to the work and its place in Icon’s priorities. Some minor drafting points were also requested and members should submit these to AMc. Subject to these amendments, the Plan was formally approved. The document will be put on the website and used at the AGM. The need to budget for the staff support and development plan was also noted. Action: AS, CW and AMc

Committee structure (paper by AMc) 7. Changes requested at the last meeting had been incorporated and the paper was approved, subject to some further small amendments. The relationship between the two separate Editorial Boards was discussed. Debate ensued on whether the document should be considered by the new Board before being put on the website. It was agreed that the advantage lay with publishing the paper, given a suitable introduction to set it in context. It also demonstrated Icon’s inclusivity and opportunities for membership involvement. It was agreed that early publication be recommended to the new Board.

Register of Trustees’ Interests (paper by AMc) 8. The Register represented standard, good governance practice. The Board approved it and recommended it to the new Board. The Register will appear on the website in due course.

Constitution of the new Board (paper by AMc) (AS left the meeting for this item)

9. A number of questions about constitutional arrangements had arisen in feedback from the membership about the election process. Points made in discussion were:
· it is important not to limit the Board’s flexibility to meet its needs
· Icon has responsibilities as a charity and not just as a professional body
· inclusivity is an important principle
10. It was agreed that recommendations should be made to the new Board that:
· it convene the Governance Review Panel at an early opportunity to consider the issues raised by the election process
· the GRP be given a deadline so that its report to the Board can inform the 2006 electoral process
· given its size, the Scotland membership should continue electing, rather than co-opting, its representation
· the Chair be elected for a limited period to be decided by the new Board in the light of the GRP’s recommendations

Finance: forecast outturn for 2005-06 (papers by CW) 11. As expected, the past few months have presented some significant challenges. But the Board now has a clear picture of the financial position and the initial business plan estimates have proved to be solid. Despite a small overspend on one-off start-up costs, expenditure has been well controlled, there is an under-spend on recurrent costs and the unrestricted reserves are higher than predicted. Next steps include the planned six month review with Charity Business; discussion with the new Hon. Treasurer about the new Board’s reporting requirements and the preparation of a report for the AGM. Action: CW & AMc to meet with Charity Business; CW and KC to discuss the IPC position

Chair’s Report (paper by CM) 12. The Board considered CM’s draft report on the period October 2004 to date to present to the AGM. Minor drafting points were suggested. More significant additions were put forward, such as the need to acknowledge the scale of the task undertaken and to thank the staff who worked through the transition period, along with various proposals for inclusion in the sections on lessons learned and conclusions. Action: all to submit any further drafting points to CM

Horizon-scanning 13. Very tight deadlines have been set for responses to consultation exercises at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Oral submissions may be required in due course.

CW reported on a productive conference in Germany, where issues of accreditation, registration and standards were being put forward. The experience suggests that partnerships could be useful.

Arrangements for the AGM 14. AMc gave an up-date on plans for the AGM and arrangements for chairing the day.
ANY OTHER BUSINESS Salary recommendations (paper by CW and RB)

15. The Board considered and approved a draft recommendation to employers on conservator salary levels, for use in the Icon News recruitment supplement. It also agreed to recommend to the new Board the desirability of a review of conservator salaries.

 The meeting closed at 16.35 with thanks to Carole for her determined and effective chairing and to the members and other volunteers, particularly Lynne Thomas, Mike Caudrey and AnnMarie Newbiggin.

 Lynette Gill November 27th 2005



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