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Record and assess your progress after each project

Reflection: Record of Progress

The aim of relection is to identify what you have learnt and where  relevant how you have used. or will use, the learning. It is recommended that you formulate a tool to help you to take note of any learning that you may experience, for example, during a week project/activity or following a training event that will assist your professional development.
You may find that the project worked well in one particular area and it could be useful in fiuture professional activities/projects and, or you could inform others about your achievement. Likewise you may have realised during the project that you need to develop your skills/knowledge in a particular area.

Whatever the outcome it is useful to jot down this information in note form - for private reference, while it is still in your head. It can assist you in a number of ways:

- Helping you appreciate your progress
- Tailoring your CV and letters of application for a specific post or career move
- Staff appraisals
- Identifying any training needs
- Writing your annual CPD review

Include work projects, training events, research, and  external activities e.g. developing skills/knowledge outside the workplace that can be used in your professional development - such as treasurer  for a local sports club. Choose which method suits your own personal preference. You may find a small notebook used like a diary will help you to record your learning, or a loose-leaf folder or file on your computer or the examples below.

Example methods

1) You can write a brief summary after each project by asking yorself a series of questions such as:

- Did it work out as you expected ?
- What was the most ssuccessful part of the project/activity ?
- Would you consider using a similar approach in the future ?
- Would you do things differently next time ?
- What would you do the same ?
- Has your knowledge and understanding changed :
- If appropriate, has your perspective or approach changed in any way ?
- How you use your learning to enhance your professional activities or support the profession ?

2) Make use of the CPD learning log or develop your own

CPD learning log is a table containing boxes for date & short description of activity, key learning outcomes, how you applied your learning and any action points. You can make use of this example but it does not need to be in a particular format.

3) Make use of the Professional Standards and log your project/activity and record your progress up the novice to expert scale as noted on (record page) and, or match it against the professional standards using the [Table_for_relating_skills]
The Activity Monitor is designed for use by interns for initial assessment, setting out aims, tracking progress, and final assessment. It uses the Novice_to_Expert_scale  to show progress in each area of conservation-restoration.


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