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Icon welcomes individuals and organisations from all backgrounds who identify with the conservation and preservation of our cultural heritage.  Our membership embraces the entire conservation community as well as members of the public who are keen to learn more or show their support for conservation work.


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About the Stone & Wall Painting Group

The Icon Stone and Wall Paintings Group represent over 300 conservation professionals working in the field of architectural conservation in general and in particular the conservation of stone and wall paintings. The Group was originally formed as a specialist section within UKIC in 1998, though separate specialist sections had been in operation from the early 1980's. Regular meetings, events and conferences are held for its members, and we encourage anyone interested in conservation to join us.

The Group has a longstanding track record of events, and regularly contributes articles to Icon News to educate, update and inform members in the development of stone and wall painting conservation.

The aims of the Group are:

To promote communication between the various groups involved and to encourage dialogue between conservators, architects, art historians, archaeologists, surveyors, scientists and others with a specialist interest in either stone or wall paintings.

  • Be a forum for the exchange of information on techniques in practice and under development and scientific research through regular meetings and publications.
  • To set and maintain standards for stone and wall painting conservation.
  • To be a representative voice for architectural conservation, in training and in lobbying government. 

Click here to download a copy of the Group's constitution.

Calling Wall Painting Conservators – A Request for Assistance

Student Lucinda Woods writes:

"I am a BA (Hons) student studying Conservation and Restoration at the University of Lincoln and I am conducting a survey as part of my dissertation on: 'An investigation into how and why church wall paintings were uncovered and why contemporary culture often seeks to uncover them, as well as how they should be ethically uncovered and conserved'.

For me to complete my dissertation research, I would like responses from conservators who have had experience working on church wall paintings.

I have included ten questions within the questionnaire, and I would be very grateful for any help.



polychrome.jpeg The Stone & Wall painting group is delighted to announce that the much sought-after publication of the proceedings of our two-day Polychrome Wood conference, which took place at Hampton Court in October 2007 and February 2008 is still available.

This significant collection of papers bridges the specialist fields of panel painting, architectural wood and wall painting conservation. The contributors discuss a diverse range of important historic painted wooden surfaces, the materials involved, their composition and techniques of execution, the agents of deterioration, preventive measures, methods of treatment, and aspects of presentation and display.

Contributors include Jim Coulson, Ian Tyers, Spike Bucklow, Eddie Sinclair, Lucy Wrapson & Marie Louise Sauerberg, Pauline Plummer, Lee Prosser, Christine Sitwell, Tobit Curteis, Hugh Harrison, Al Brewer, Madeleine Katkov, Ailsa Murray, Chantal-Helen Thuer and Ruth McNeilage.


To order a copy please download the pdf order form




In 2006 a three year EU project entitled 'Desalination’ commenced, with the aim of developing a straightforward methodology for optimising the selection and assessing the performance of desalination poultice systems. An important part of this project is to investigate current desalination methods used internationally in stone and wall paintings conservation, and we are undertaking a survey of conservators in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. 

As part of this survey, a concise web-based questionnaire has been developed, to provide an overview of current international practice.  The survey information gathered will help to identify key issues for future research, and practical ways in which the effectiveness of such treatments can be improved, thus benefiting conservators in the field. Your practical experience in this area is important to us, and we would be extremely grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete our questionnaire using the link on our project website [ ]

In addition, you will also find information about the project, the project partners, and regular updates about the progress of the research.

Prof. Adrian Heritage
Dr. Alison Sawdy-Heritage
Dipl. Rest.(FH) Friederike Funke
Fachhochschule Köln,Institut für Restaurierungs- und Konservierungswissenschaft, Ubierring 40, 50678 Köln


Further information can be found in our News and Past Events pages for S&WP group members, so if you're not a member, get involved!





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